Terps Attempt Dragonslaying vs UNC And Charles Mitchell Commits

 Today was a great day for the Terps.  Maryland played what was arguably its most complete game of the season beating Wake Forest by 20 points.  The bigger story is, of course, that the Terps nabbed their third Top 100 recruit of the class in Charles Mitchell.

Mitchell is a 6'8" 250lb power forward.  He'll give us the kind of depth in the frontcourt that I've been dreaming about.  I'm thrilled to have Mitchell, but it is curious that he committed to MD in the same year as uber-recruit, Shaq Cleare.  They play the same position after all.  Add newcomer Damonte Dodd and returning players, Alex Len, Ashton Pankey, and James Padgett and the Terps are overflowing with big men. 

Mayhaps we won't have all six on the roster by the time Midnight Madness comes around, but for now, we have all the big men we need.

Turgeon can round out his class by corralling a pass-first point guard to commit.  I don't know who that would be at the moment; but the Terps desperately need to bring in a playmaker.  Let's hope there is another surprise in the near future.

As for tomorrow, the Terps have no pressure on their shoulders.  Maryland is coming off a great game and the crowd should be with them as they try to unseat the top seed.  A win would guarantee an NIT appearance and give the young Terps a chance to experience the weekend at the ACC Tournament.  We're due for a big win.  Maybe it comes tomorrow.

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