Basketball Season Preview, Part 2: The Good

(Editor's Note: For those of you who subscribe to an RSS feed through MyYahoo, please note that the updates are not being recognized by My Yahoo. For updates, I recommend that you subscribe to iGoogle or another RSS service.)In the first half of my season preview (the Ugly), I outlined some of the biggest questions our young Terps will have to an [...] Read More »

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Terps Picked To Finish Sixth In The ACC

Is there any poll with less credibility than the annual preseason poll by ACC beat writers? I think when Maryland won it all in 2002, the writers still picked the Terps to finish third in the conference that year. The bias toward Carolina (UNC and Duke in particular) is so obvious and has continued on for so long, that it is comical.The post seas [...] Read More »

Author: Jeremy | 10/23/2007 9:24:23 AM | Tags: season previews |

Terps vs. PooVa

So UVA is 6-1? Who have they played? They have a nice win against GaTech at home, but then again, so do the Terps. Besides that, show me the quality win? UConn? Middle Tennesee State? Pittsburgh and Duke are terrible. Somehow, UVA is #19 in the BCS standings? Explain that to me please. Any team that is 6-1 deserves respect, but Maryland sh [...] Read More »

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Terps Hoops Preview Part 1: The Ugly

Welcome to the fourth year of Turtle Soup's coverage of Maryland Basketball. It's good to have you all back for what should be a thrilling season.Next to March Madness, there is no time as exciting as Midnight Madness. So much hope, so much possibility! The 2007-08 edition of the Maryland Terrapins will be no different. Gary Williams will go in [...] Read More »

Author: Jeremy | 10/11/2007 10:45:30 PM | Tags: season previews |
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