Men's Basketball Exhibition Thread

The Terps play their one and only exhibition game tonight.  More importantly, it's the only time we will get to see Alex Len until December 28th.

I'm not sure what to expect because Turgeon has to prepare the team for the first part of the season.  However, I expect Turgeon knows where the fans heads are and will give us a bit of a show.

Len remains the key to the Terps season.  While he may not lead the Terps in scoring, he is key what the Terps need to do on the rebounding and defensive fronts.

His offense will be a bonus.  It could be good too because he appears rather skilled.  Either way, I'd like to see what we have.

Additionally, it will be fascinating to see how Stoglin and Faust mesh together.  They are likely to be the two scoring leaders this season and how they work in tandem is crucial to any success the Terps hope to have.

Pankey Weijs, and Padgett will be on display as well.  As the front court starters, it is essential that we get a gauge on how much they've improved in the offseason.

It's not your typical exhibition game.  Expect a lot of kinks to be worked out, but I truly believe that this team will be much better than people think.
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