NCAA Tourney - Day 1 Thread

I'm at work; but I want to throw up a thread so Soupers can discuss the most wonderful day of the year.  More to come. [...] Read More »

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NCAA Selection Show Thread

While as Terp fans, we won't be sweating out whether or not Maryland will be in the Tournament; there is still much to worry over. As Georgia Tech pointed out on Friday night; there are certain matchups that put the Terps at a disadvantage.  Namely, big athletic front court players who can dominate the boards and stop penetration.  The Terps need t [...] Read More »

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Terps NCAA Seeding: A Scenario Analysis

I've been following the self-named "Bracketologists" over the last few weeks and I've been pleased to see Maryland steadily moving up their pairings.  However, the best guys in the business at Bracketology 101, had this to say about Maryland's prospects:The win moved the Terps into a tie with the Blue Devils atop the ACC standings at 12-3, and seed [...] Read More »

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Gary Williams - Quote of the Year

Dan Steinberg at the WaPo has summarized an extensive interview that Gary Williams gave on ESPN's 980 AM yesterday afternoon.  Here's what Gary had to say about recruiting:"The penalty that the Alabama football team got, for instance; they have to forfeit games, ok? And they get probation for three years or whatever it is. That has nothing to do wi [...] Read More »

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#10 Maryland vs #2 Memphis: Live Gameday Thread

After watching last night's upsets; it is amazing to contemplate the dramatic change in fortunes for Maryland and its fans.  We are one of only three standard bearers for the ACC who remain in the field.  Maryland, Duke, and Carolina.Historically that looks right; but who could have imagined that this season would have turned out this way? I think [...] Read More »

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NCAA Tournament Gameday Thread -#10 Terps vs. #7 Cal

I must say that I very much enjoyed writing this headline.  It's been a rocky road for Gary Williams and the Terps.  A road that has been dissected and analyzed to death by everyone in the state of Maryland and beyond.  None of that matters now.Today's game is why the players play and why us fans watch.  The first round of the NCAA Tournament is a [...] Read More »

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Just Win Baby... Please!

Here we are.\par\parJust hours from the biggest game of the season for us fans.\~ But we all need to remember it's the biggest game of some of the players' lives.\~ In the final day of the regular season, the Terps have it all in front of them.\~ Win a game against a rival on their home floor and they nearly clinch a spot in the NCAA Tournament.\~\ [...] Read More »

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Butler Did It. Terps Did Not.

What an awful day.It started by me going to FIVE different sports bars in Chicago to look for the game. None of them had it. Why on Earth would a sports bar choose not to buy the Direct TV package for the NCAA Tournament? It took me an hour and half to find the game.By the time I found the game at an unbelievably packed ESPN Zone, there were seven [...] Read More »

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Winning U-G-L-Y

Stephen Curry got star treatment by the officials today. Make no mistake. He is a legit player. But that call against Ibekwe that fouled him out? Pleeeaaase. I thought I was watching Dwayne Wade in the NBA Finals last year. The kid can shoot, but he has not earned that yet.Regardless, Maryland cannot expect to win more games turning the ball over l [...] Read More »

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The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

This is Turtle Soup's virgin NCAA Tournament.  After three seasons, we have finally popped our Tournament cherry.    When I wrote my first piece in October 2004, I predicted that the defending ACC Champion Maryland Terrapins would go to the Final Four.Who could have imagined that it would take three years (and three different websites) before we wo [...] Read More »

Author: Jeremy | 3/12/2007 10:55:37 PM | Tags: ncaa tournament |
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