It's Official: The Football Team Sucks

Middle Tennessee State University came into Byrd Stadium and left with a win.  I went to Maryland when Mark Duffner was the coach and we never lost a game to a team like that. Now, we've lost to a team like that in successive seasons. First away and now at home.

The program has gone from excelling to middling in less than a decade.  We went from middling to suck in 3 games. This is potentially a legendary level suckitude.  There is no silver lining here. Even if the Fridge retires (read: is put out to pasture) after this season; we are stuck with the heir apparent, Franklin, who is responsible for this abortion of an offense.

The floor for the season has been removed.  Can we go winless in the conference?  You betcha!  Nothing would surprise me at this point.

Look, I don't have unrealistic expectations for our Football program. I don't expect national championships.  I do however, think that it is reasonable to expect that we never lose to a school like Middle Tennessee State.

In my previous post, I stated that MTSU may be the 4th best college football team in the state of Tennessee.  That wasn't an exaggeration.  Memphis, The Vols, and Vanderbilt are all surely better than MTSU.

Of course, Navy is almost surely better than the Terps and I wouldn't be surprised if Towson State gave the Terps a run for their money.  After all, they play in the same division as James Madison.
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Author: Jeremy | 9/19/2009 6:58:25 PM | Tags: middle tennessee state university, mark duffner, football, frustration |