Michigan State Thread - NCAA Round 2

Form here on out, every game the Terps play is the biggest game the team has played since the National Championship game in 2002.  Simply put, Maryland has an incredible opportunity to make a deep run this year.

Yesterday's events have only increased the urgency. Now that Kansas - the odds on favorite - has been eliminated; the Spartans and the Terps alike can now see a path to Indianapolis that didn't seem likely when the Tournament.

To deny that is foolish.  To think ahead is suicidal. Maryland must put aside the distraction and focus on their opponent.  All signs point to a depleted Michigan State squad.

Their frontcourt defensive stopper, Chris Allen, has a foot injury and is questionable.  The Spartans point guard, Kalin Lucas is also nursing a injury.  I expect that we will still get their best effort today.

Greivis Vasquez has waited his whole life for this moment. His shot hasn't been dropping lately so look for the boys to try to get Greivis some early looks.   Milbourne, Gregory, and Williams will need to be men on the interior today and stay out of foul trouble while still holding their own on the glass.

Hayes just needs to keep being Mr. Reliable.

OK.  That's it.  Almost game time.  Enjoy it wherever you are and let's hope there is something to write about tomorrow.
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From Cougars To Spartans

Houston, you had a problem.  His name was Jordan Williams.  21 points, 17 rebound and he is a freshman.  Perhaps the most exciting part is that players usually improve the most between their freshman and sophomore seasons. But, surely that is a topic for another time.  There are still game(s) to be played this season.On the whole, the Terps played [...] Read More »

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Maryland Trounces #6 Michigan State, 80-62

The Terps took it to Michigan State.  Boy, did they ever.  Tonight's victory was a season defining triumph. It was Gary Williams at his best.  No one gave the Terps a chance.  Most Soup readers thought that Maryland had a chance if everything fell our way.I'd say when Dave Neal SCORES 17 POINTS that everything is falling your way.  Sure, critics wi [...] Read More »

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A Reasonable Michigan State Thread

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!I don't know about you, but tipoff will occur right about the time that my family is sitting down to dinner.  Needless to say, I will be taping the game (taping the old fashioned way as my parents have yet to embrace the DVR concept).The purpose of this post is to create a repository for a reasonable discussion of tonigh [...] Read More »

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Previewing Michigan State

I can't start this without sharing this quote from MSU coach Tom Izzo today:"Vazquez is like the 'Magic Johnson' of Maryland"Now,  he meant it as to say Vaz does everything for the team, including being the leading rebounder, but it just made me chuckle to hear him say that!I'm listening to Izzo's press conference today (an advantage by working in [...] Read More »

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