The Neverending Nightmare of Mediocrity Continues Unabated

I started this as a comment under Gregg's post game entry; but I am so frustrated that it just kept going, so I decided to make it into a post of its own. What follows in an angry tirade.  If you prefer well-reasoned and coherent analysis, please scroll down and read Gregg's assessment.  If not, you can read my screed:

I started this blog 6 fucking years ago and just once, (ONCE!) I want to watch a team that doesn't make me want to commit acts of violence against my fucking furniture!  In just one of those 6 painful seasons have the Terps had a winning conference record.

The non-conference performance has been even worse!  For every Michigan State-type victory (of which there have been precious few) there have been two or three losses in which they didn't even compete.  And yes, I'm counting tonight's shitting of the bed among those.  At no point in the second half did the Terps have the ball with a chance to tie Wisconsin.  That is not competing.

Don't paint me a rosy picture please.  That talk reminds of economists who talk about the recession being over while unemployment moves into double-digits.  The emperor has no clothes!!!!!  There is nothing positive about these losses.  Nothing!  They have dug themselves a tremendous hole that is almost impossible to overcome. The schedule works against them from here on out.   If they lose to Villanova (likely), then they will need to be 10-6 in the ACC to make the Tourney.  If they lose to Indiana also (not out of the question by any means), or heaven forbid, any other non-conference opponent, and there may not be a way back into the Dance regardless of their ACC record.  They won't have the RPI to get in.  The ACC is not as good as in years past and they won't have as many opportunities for signature wins.  The season is in dire straits whether you choose to believe it or not.  It's not even Thanksgiving!

I don't have any answers.  I just have questions.  Here's a few to ponder as you debate whether to gouge your eyes out with a turkey baster over this abortion of a performance....

1.  Why is Jin Soo Choi logging any minutes at all?  I get it.  Dino is out until mid-December and we need a bigger body; but Kim is afraid to shoot and his defense is atrocious. For no apparent reason, I saw him bear hug a Wisconsin player in the backcourt at one point. What am I missing?  Right now, he is worthless.

2.  Why is Gary using a five guard rotation when one of those is guards is Adrian Bowie?   Bowie is a bizarro combo-guard.  He's a shooting guard who can't shoot coupled with a point guard who can't stop turning the ball over!

3.  What on earth is wrong with Vasquez?  He killed Maryland today. KILLED THEM!  His shot selection was terrible.  Each shot was as good as a turnover.  And they came at the worst moments possible!  The Terps are within five?  Here comes a Vasquez fadeaway three from the corner! CLANK.  UGHHHHHHH!

4.  Where is the half court offense? It is as if these guys met for the first time on Octobeer 15th.  We returned 9 starters from last season and the Terps are averaging LESS points than last year.  I love Dave Neal as much as the next guy but you cannot tell me that he was worth that much in the half court.

5.  There are a million guys out there who can hit threes consistently.  Why don't we have one on our team?  Seriously, I'll bet the dude on Chaminade would walk-on to Maryland for a chance to play.  We could use him too.  Mike Jones graduated three years ago and we have not had a 3PT shooter since.  (Please don't come to me with Hayes either.  Yes, he can shoot but he doesn't look to get open nearly enough.  Run off a screen or something!)

6.  How did we get here?  Has college basketball changed that much since 2002?  Why can't we recruit athletes anymore?  This is not supposed to happen. Maryland was an elite program.  There hasn't been a scandal.  We built a state-of-the-art arena.  Between PG County and Baltimore; the campus should be a recruiting paradise.  Why am I watching Gonzaga from Spokane fucking Washington with envy because of the talent they have on the floor?

This blog has always been a labor of love; but I'm not feeling the love at all.  This program is just mediocre.  People don't write blogs about mediocre. I just don't know how much more I can take.  I think I am at my all-time low point as a Terp fan.  I've gone from frustration to despair.
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