The Justin Anderson Potential De-Commit (Don't Panic) Thread

Where's there's smoke there's fire and things are burning in Charlottesville right now.  Unfortunately, folks from DBR on down are confirming reports that Justin Anderson may switch his commitment to Virginia.

This is a double kick in the groin.  Not only would Maryland lose its first 5-star recruit in years; but we'd lose it to our rival (an inferior rival at that!).  Ouch.  Even more confounding is that I'm hearing reports that one of the factors leading to this situation is the hiring of Dalonte Hill.  Apparently, the Andersons (Justin and his Dad) aren't big fans of Mr. Hill.  Ouch.

If true, this could only happen to Maryland.  I mean talk about irony.  After years of losing the area's top recruits to carpetbaggers like Texas, Kansas State, UConn,; the new Terps staff ponies up for a big-time AAU recruiter in Dalonte Hill.  Now, after FINALLY landing an elite talent from the area; we are likely to lose him because Hill is now on staff.  AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

Of course, this report is not confirmed and it is just above speculation at this point; but the timing makes sense.  Hill was hired on Monday and Anderson could de-commit by Friday?

This really sucks; but it's not time to panic.  Anderson will be a star in the ACC; but the Terps staff has barely hit the ground and already has one 2012 kid locked up (Seth Allen).  For all we know, Turgeon, Ranson, Spinelli, and Hill could land a 5-star swingman next week and reel in the much coveted Shaq Cleare too.  Who knows?  It's too early to go crazy over this.  However, the hiring of Dalonte Hill was a major move for the program and a departure from the way that things have been done under Gary Williams.  It is really unfortunate that the first thing to happen as a result of the hiring is that we lose the best recruit we have -- to Virginia.
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