JSK is now JSC

Let's all practice together.  It's no longer Jin Soo Kim, it's now Jin Soo Choi.

Here's the explanation courtesy of The Washington Post:
On Friday, Maryland sophomore forward Jin Soo Kim returned home to South Korea to join the Korean national team as it prepares to take part in the upcoming FIBA Asia championships. Except he didn't leave the United States as Jin Soo Kim; he left as Jin Soo Choi.

According to a source close to the player, Jin Soo legally changed his last name to Choi in February, though all of the necessary documents were not completed until late May when he returned to South Korea following the end of Maryland's school year.

Choi's biological father, Uyootak Kim, was a famous basketball player in Korea during his career, and until recently Choi's last name reflected his biological father's heritage. Uyootak Kim was formerly an assistant on the Korean national team, and now has taken a position with a professional team in the region.

But Choi's parents separated when he was an infant, and Choi was raised by his mother and stepfather, Ilsung Choi. According to the source, Jin Soo desired to acknowledge the impact his stepfather has had on his life, which prompted the last name change. Ilsung Choi's basketball background is not extensive (he used to coach a middle school team), but that did nothing to diminish the role he played in Jin Soo's upbringing.
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