Milbourne and Gist Suspended for Opener

There is nothing to see here. Please move along. This is a non-story. I guarantee that the media will try to make something out of this story (Especially considering the fact the Ravens season is in shambles and Terp Football is a disaster). Gist and Milbourne are missing a game against N. Florida. There are 5 guys on Maryland's campus who could suit up and probably beat N. Florida.

Actually, I think this will turn out to be a positive. Gary will get to play more of the freshman. I am anxious to see what these guys have anyway. The season starts Sunday. Who can wait?
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Gist: What Took You So Long?

I decided to write as I watch the game tonight. However, I am sitting in my apartment listening to Mr. Holiday because ACC Select punted yet again. Despite advertising the game on their site, it is "blacked out" in Chicago. Sure. Whatever. All I know is that it is not on TV here, and I can't imagine that another Internet entity purchased the rights [...] Read More »

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