Maryland vs. MTSU Thread

Maryland squares off today against what is arguably the 4th best college football team in the state of Tennessee.  The game will be close.  The Terps have not demonstrated that they are a class of above the likes of MTSU.By my count, we have one player on the squad who has shown true quality on the field- Da'Rel Scott.  Freiden and Franklin would b [...] Read More »

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ACC Semifinal Thread: Maryland - Duke

There is no use worrying about the bubble today folks. The Terps have everything they need in front of them. Play tough man-to-man defense. Rebound. Shoot well. Do we make the great leap today? A golden opportunity awaits should we win. Will lightning strike twice in five years? I can't wait to find out.Gary! Gary! [...] Read More »

Author: Jeremy | 3/14/2009 1:02:35 PM | Tags: acc tournament, duke sucks, game threads |

Wake Forest Game Thread

Before I get into my brief pre-game analysis; I need to tell you a quick story.\~ At around noon today, I was scheduled to be a guest on Terrapin Sports Network's Pregame Radio Show (that's 105.7 in Baltimore and 106.7 in DC).\~ I was going to talk about Turtle Soup and the general state of the Terp Blogosphere.\par\parWell, I just got a call from [...] Read More »

Author: Jeremy | 3/3/2009 8:11:47 PM | Tags: game threads, jared from subway, wake forest |

Terps - UNC Thread

Today is Maryland's penultimate chance to impress the selection committee. Some probably think that this is an exercise in futility and there is nothing the Terps can do short of winning out to get in.I'm inclined to agree. The Terps just aren't good enough to compete with the likes of UNC. As we've seen all year; the team's flaws often get expo [...] Read More »

Author: Jeremy | 2/21/2009 2:52:18 PM | Tags: game threads, unc |

Opportunity Knocks in Clemson, SC

Make no mistake. The Terps are a long shot to make the NCAAs. However, a loss at Clemson on Tuesday, will not eliminate the Terps. Maryland is not expected to beat the #8 team in the RPI on the road. So, the Terps have no expectations and nothing to lose. Add that to the fact that this is the MD's only shot to gain a modicum of revenge against [...] Read More »

Author: Jeremy | 2/16/2009 11:22:17 PM | Tags: clemson, game threads |

Virginia Tech Thread

Well fans, here we go.Today, the Terps begin in earnest their quest to earn that elusive NCAA bid.  This season has delivered mixed results but the Terps have a chance to right the ship today and set themselves up for a run that could turn the season around.We are seeing signs that the team has rallied around Gary Williams and that is probably just [...] Read More »

Author: Jeremy | 2/14/2009 9:33:28 AM | Tags: game threads, virginia tech |

Must Win Part IV - Georgia Tech Thread

I feel like this is the third or fourth "must win" game so far this year.  With each "must" win that turned into a loss; the Terps somehow have at least kept their hopes alive for an NCAA berth.Let's be honest; the Terps are on the outside looking in; and will need to play out of character to get themselves in the hunt.  Working in their favor are [...] Read More »

Author: Jeremy | 2/8/2009 5:29:50 PM | Tags: game threads, georgia tech |

Ahhhh... All is well... until 10pm tonight?

It's been a nice few days of love throughout the Maryland basketball program.  Debbie Yow cleared the air publically, Gary was back to running down his resume and predicting next year's team will be ranked.  Hey, we've all seen the good that this team has to offer.  I believe he can make it happen, but we'll see.So while we are all realistic in enj [...] Read More »

Author: Gregg | 2/3/2009 5:05:52 PM | Tags: game threads, north carolina |

Gameday Thread: Maryland v. Duke

Maryland enters the first installment of its biannual dance with Duke at a crossroads.  At 13-5, the Terps desperately need a signature win to get back into serious contention for an NCAA berth.Terp Nation is uneasy.  Clearly undermanned upfront, the Terps have played valiantly, yet they appear to be fatally flawed in a distinct way: Maryland is un [...] Read More »

Author: Jeremy | 1/23/2009 11:09:20 PM | Tags: desperation, duke sucks, game threads |

Georgia Tech: ACC Opener Thread

This afternoon's game is a must-win.  The Terps have to bounce back and prove that Morgan State was an aberration.  The ACC schedule is too tough to give up a win at home against a bottom division team.  I don't care how big GT is, the Terps must beat them.I don't see Maryland blowing any ACC team out and GT is no exception.  However, Maryland is c [...] Read More »

Author: Jeremy | 1/10/2009 11:28:37 AM | Tags: game threads, gt |
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