ACC Tournament Thread Day One; Wake Forest Beckons

 The Terps limp into the ACC Tournament after a brutal OT loss at home to Virginia.  The loss encapsulated the entire ACC season.  Close but no cigar.  This Terps team can compete with just about anyone (sans UNC and Duke); but they seem incapable of closing out good teams. 

It's incredibly frustrating, but this about what we expected at the start of the season.  It's a shame because the Terps are two OT losses away from being .500 in the conference.

The Terps should be able to run past Wake.  Unfortunately, UNC looms on the other side.  That would be a perfect way to cap the season, but I'd prefer for Turgeon and the boys to focus on the task at hand. 

The tip off is terrible.  I'll be sitting in a conference room in Battle Creek, Michigan so I won't see a second of the game. I'll trust that the Terps can take care of business and get to 17 wins.

Before I go, I wanted to point out a new feature we rolled out on the site.  You may notice that on the right rail, there is a link to submit your own article for Turtle Soup. I've always felt that the site readers are the real attraction of the site; and I've now created a way for commentors to start their own threads.  I will still maintain editorial approval, so please only submit serious articles that relate to the Terps.

We hope you guys enjoy the new feature.

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