A New Low For Maryland Basketball

The headline is over the top you say?

Sure, the Terps have lost to Mid Majors at home over the last three years.  A trend so disturbing that it has forced me to reconsider why I even follow this team in the first place.   However, despite those annual December demoralizing defeats; the Terps have never been blown out by one of these teams.  Until tonight.

William and Mary eviscerated Maryland.  At no point in the last 30 minutes did Maryland look the part of an ACC team.  Instead, they look like a bunch of stiffs watching Vasquez chuck up bad shot after shot.  So much for senior leadership. Hayes turned in a epic stink bomb.  Milbourne largely disappeared too until the last 3 minutes.

In years past, I would have given you 1500 hundred words of fire and brimstone.  Now, I'm beaten down.  This team sucks. No big wins to speak of on the resume and mediocrity looms in the ACC.

These last 7 years have been so bad that it calls into question why this site even exists. Does William and Mary have a basketball blog? Morgan State?

I'm not going to engage in the same old Gary Williams needs to go discussion; but I will say this: the magic is gone.  I don't know why it's not here or where it went; but it's gone.

The worst part is that maybe Terrence Ross sees it too.  I just threw up in my mouth.
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