Maryland vs Monmouth

Jeez, these cupcake games are getting tedious.  We are all anxious to see how this team will fare against real competition.  We got a taste of it vs. Northwestern and George Mason but it remains to be seen how good those two teams actually are.  Tonight we play Monmouth who sucks.

Turgeon will likely go back to his regular starting lineup and we'll hopefully see continued improvement from the shooters.  It's starting to scare everyone that there is only one reliable jump shooter (Aronhalt) on the floor.  If Faust and Wells could hit the 15 footer with regularity we'd be unstoppable with the way the big guys rebound.

But let's stick with the 15 footer for a moment.  Not all good shooters are good shooters from three point range.  I'd like to see Faust take some mid-range jumpers to see if he can get into a rhythm.  I'll bet if one or two of those fall, then the three-pointers will as well.  Wells should do the same.  His shooting is not quite as abysmal as Faust's but it could be better.

Mid-range jumpers are a lost art and I think it would make both of these guys more dangerous as defenders wouldn't be able to back off of them in anticipation of the dribble-drive.

Anyway, tonight should be another blowout.  My prediction:  25 point win.  20 rebound advantage.  18 assists.   10 turnovers.  7 3PTs.

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