Greivis, Gary, and Georgia Tech

I'm back.  I've spent the last 4 days in Phoenix, AZ (where it rained and didn't get above 60 degrees) at my company's National Sales Conference.  Needless to say, I had no time to do any actual work, let alone write a blog post.

During my hiatus, both Greivis and Gary won the honors they deserved. POY and COY are appropriate accolades for two men who have accomplished much in the last 5 months. Terp fans hope that the hardware is nothing more a prelude of what's to come later this month.

Can you believe that Gary Williams has only won ACC Coach of the Year twice? What a bunch of shit that is! Williams has made 15 of the last 18 NCAA Tournaments and has probably not had a team during his tenure that was the preseason conference favorite (even during the 2002 year; Duke was the favorite).

Greivis Vasquez has much on his mind over what I hope is at least a half dozen remaining games.  He can move from great player to legend.  He can go from all-time Terps to the Greatest Terp (if he wins the National Championship that is).

Regardless of Greivis' ultimate resting place in the Terp Pantheon, I mostly just want to enjoy March.  That includes a few wins in this weekend's ACC Tournament.

Georgia Tech survived UNC and will be hungry this evening.  Tech needs a win to punch its ticket to the NCAAs and there is that little business about the last second shot that gave the Terps a win last month.  GT would love to avenge that loss.  I'm afraid that we will get the best the Yellowjackets have to offer.

As for Maryland, well we've got some motivation of our own.  "Bracketologists" have us seeded anywhere between #6 (are you nuts Joe Lunardi) and #4 (Bracketology 101) and losing to GT will only hurt our seeding.  What's more, our seniors have never been past the semifinals, and only once have they gotten that far.  It is their time to shine now.  The Terps are riding a 7 game winning streak and they are not about to roll over.

Expect Tech to try to dominate the glass. Our interior big men will need to play near-perfect fundamentals to hold our own on the interior.  Gregory was easily beaten by Derrick Favors in College Park and I would think that James Padgett will be called on to help if needed.

To win, Maryland will need continued production from its bench; and 2 of the three seniors will need to score 15+ points. If we lose, it is not the end of the world; but it will be terribly disappointing. We would probably be headed for a 6 seed depending on how other teams near our RPI perform.
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