Can the Terps Defy Death (Valley)?

Winning a football game in Death Valley is a rare occurance for Clemson opponents. Few venues in the ACC boast a larger capacity than the 81,473 seats in Memorial Stadium. The Terps have posted victories in Death Valley only three times since 1985- roughly 27% of the time.\par\parThe odds are against the Terps this time around too. Before the s [...] Read More »

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A Phoenix From the Ashes

7 days ago, the Terps were a talented team that had woefully underacheived, squandered an impressive start, and seem destined to destroy the program. After today's gi-normous victory at Clemson, the Terps are riding a three game winning streak, have won four of five (including three straight road wins) and have reached the upper-division of the ACC [...] Read More »

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We’re Back– Almost

That was a wonderful win. First of all let me thank my fiance Ms. Turtle Soup (I got engaged last weekend) for allowing me to watch the Terp game during our Valentine's Day dinner.What I saw was a team that played to their strengths (strong guard play, Straw and MJ taking what the defense gives them, and aggressive shot blocking). Say what you want [...] Read More »

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Season Saved, For Now

Phew. We needed that. A season saving win against Clemson obviously impressed the pollsters as the Terps actually moved up to No. 22 in the polls despite losing to a team with an RPI of 161 earlier in the week.Everyone contributed to Saturday's win and it appeared that Ekene Ibekwe was revived from his month long slumber. At 15-3, the Terps record [...] Read More »

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