Alex Len To Be Cleared?

I am loathe to post any "breaking news" that comes via Twitter; but Jeff Barker is extremely reliable.

See for yourselves:

@sunjeffbarker Marynd (sic) center Alex Len expected to be cleared and be available to begin practicing for the depleted Terps basketball team as soon as today

Obviously, this is wonderful news and it immediately transforms the Terps. Len is probably going to be the tallest center in the ACC which means that we should be able to go toe-to-toe in the rebounding department night in and night out. Offesnively, it remains to be seen how much Len can contribute, but suffice it to say that every opposing coach is going to have to game plan for an athletic 7 footer on the low block. Finally, some good news! Go Terps


Update:  the word is that Alex Len will be eligible to play after sitting out the first 10 games of the season.  He will be eligible to play on 12/28 vs. Albany. 

This makes for a rough non-conference schedule without Pe'Shon and Len; but it actually works in our favor.  If Maryland dramatically improves during the Jan-Mar period; the early season losses would like be thrown out by the selection committee because MD was missing two key players. 

Hopefully the existing team can squeak out one quality win from the non-conference and we'll be in business.

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