Cincinnati Game Thread

Tonight's start time could not be worse for me personally.  I'm taping the game and will be a about 90 minutes behind, so I won't be an active participant on the comment thread.  That could be good depending on how things go.

The Bearcats will be a tough test.  As DBR pointed out; they killed Vandy on the boards.  Maryland has been winning with defense thus far (if you don't believe me check out our opponents scoring average).  Can that continue against a strong rebounding team?

Cincy's big man, Yancy Gates is a beast and he will pose problems for MD's bigs.  If we can keep him from pushing around the young guys; our senior guards should provide enough scoring to carry the day.

As for Stephenson, I'm not expecting him to be the difference maker.  An experienced team like MD should be able to force him into dumb mistakes.  I think Lance is too much of freelancer to be really effective as a freshman.

Tonight's test is for real.  If we win handily, the expectations for the season get ratcheted up a notch.
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