Braxton Dupree Photos

Hey Folks, DBR was kind enough to email Braxton Dupree photos. You can judge for yourself, but I would describe him as "lean and mean". He looks great. On a side note, it's great to see that Braxton and Landon Milbourne added some much need "ink" to the Terps starting lineup. Now we have street cred. Which is nice.

I also added some photos of the Terps 2009 targeted BBall recruits.  Check out the page tabs at the top of the page above the logo.

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Rating the Freshman

This weekend's game at UNC has the potential to turn the Terps season around. As I die hard, I can't bring myself to say we have no chance, but we have no chance. I fear that it will demonstrate what we know to be true. This team is a mish-mash of parts that don't quite fit together --yet or maybe ever.Much has been written that the majority of [...] Read More »

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