Berend Weijs: A Dam Good Player

Don't let the capacity crowd in this clip fool you;  Berend Weijs is going to be big time.  Aside from being the second most famous European basketball player with a name pronounced "WHYSS" (remember the immortal Frederic Weis?); Berend does offer a big body for our front court next season.

Weijs comes to us from Amsterdam by way of Harcum CC in Philly. He's a junior college transfer and will enter Maryland as a Junior.

Whether or not he is capable/needed of contributing in the ACC/Big Ten next season (see what I did there?); is an open question.  From the video it looks like he can dunk (a reverse jam no less!) and run the floor; but I'd prefer to see him playing defense and rebounding in traffic.

Either way, add the Netherlands to Lithuiana (Sarunas), South Korea (Jin Soo Kim), Iceland (the Hawk), Venezuela (Greivis), and the UK (Shane Walker) to the Terrapin World Tour.

Author: Jeremy | 5/13/2010 6:08:30 PM | Tags: berend wiejs, video |