ACC/B1G Challenge: Maryland vs #5 Ohio State

The ACC got off to an excellent start last night in the annual clash with the B1G.  Surely, Terp fans now feel conflicted given that we will officially be switching sides next year.  Please allow me to dispose you of any inclination you have to root for the B1G this year.  The Terps are in the ACC and we need the ACC to be rated as high as possible so that we have more opportunities to play our way into the NCAA Tournament.  We can root all we want for the B1G next year.  For now, we should be glad any time an ACC team prevails (except for Duke of course).

Speaking of Duke, did anyone seen the mockery that the officials turned in during the first 10 minutes of the game last night?  Three HORRENDOUS and INEXCUSABLE calls went again against Michigan.
1. Duke was credited with a 3-point shot after the shot clock expired
2. Duke was awarded possession after Marshall Plumlee threw the ball off his own foot out of bounds.
3. Duke drew a defensive foul on Michigan because as the Michigan player pivoted the back of his head hit a Duke player who was hand-checking him like crazy.

Who's going to miss their annual visit Cameron Indoor?  Anyone?  It just mystifies me how the NCAA can continue to allow officials to destroy the integrity of the game each time Duke plays a home game.

On to the task at hand:

Maryland has been in search for a signature win for two years.  Tonight is certainly an opportunity to obtain that elusive win.  We've witnessed Turgeon's teams come tantalizingly close (see UConn, UK last year, but the Terps have either fallen short or panicked with a lead and lost it at the end.

Winning on the road at Ohio State is a tall task.  The Buckeyes may not lose there all year.  Maryland is capable.  The Terps have proven that they can play with good teams.  What they need is to string together 40 minutes of quality basketball.  That means good decision making (I'm looking at you Nick Faust and Dez Wells), timely shooting (Layman and Smot), rebounding fundamentals (Cleare and Chuck), and taking care of the rock (Roddy).

In the end, I'd be hard pressed to tell you that I think we'll win.  I think we'll make it a game and if things fall our way late, we may pull out a miracle.

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