Somehow, The Terps Aren't Dead Yet

Joe Lunardi, ESPN's Tournament Oracle, currently lists the Terps as the sixth team to be left out of the Field of 68 in his latest Bracketology update (2/28).  At first glance, that seems ridiculous.  After all, the Terps boast an RPI of 83 and they haven't beaten an opponent in the Top 49 all year.  How is it possible that Lunardi t [...] Read More »

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Duke v Maryland Preview and Game Thread

Duke Football. Catch the excitement.                  Image by dwehrs via FlickrDuke supposedly has an offense.  41 points in the opener vs.Elon and 48 points at Wake.  Sounds impressive until one looks at the last two games.  13 points scored at Alabama and 21 points scored in a loss to Army.  Granted, Alabama is the best team in the country; but [...] Read More »

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Greivis, Gary, and Georgia Tech

I'm back.  I've spent the last 4 days in Phoenix, AZ (where it rained and didn't get above 60 degrees) at my company's National Sales Conference.  Needless to say, I had no time to do any actual work, let alone write a blog post.During my hiatus, both Greivis and Gary won the honors they deserved. POY and COY are appropriate accolades for two men w [...] Read More »

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Terps ACC Season Preview, Part Deux

After a stellar opener to ACC play, I can now take a more optimistic tone with the next installment of my previews. Up next are Miami, Clemson, North Carolina and Virginia. This is a rough stretch of games that we need to do well in to go dancing. Luckily, with the senior leadership and steady hand of G-Dubs, I think we can pull a good number of wi [...] Read More »

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Maryland vs. FSU Game Thread

Ethan summarized FSU's team quite nicely, so I don't feel the need to break them down for you any further.  All I will say about today's game is that it is likely the most important game on the schedule.  If they win, the rest of the season has a chance to mean something.  If they lose, the season is on life support.  The Terps simply cannot afford [...] Read More »

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Terps ACC Season Preview, Part One

Terps ACC Schedule PreviewThis is my attempted at a long-winded, in-depth analysis of every ACC team (Sorry, Longwood) the Terps will play this season, how we match up, games we should win, and so on and so forth.We’ll go in order of matchups:Florida State (Home on Jan. 10, Away on Feb. 4)Breakdown: Maryland will face their toughest test since Vill [...] Read More »

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ACC Semifinal Thread: Maryland - Duke

There is no use worrying about the bubble today folks. The Terps have everything they need in front of them. Play tough man-to-man defense. Rebound. Shoot well. Do we make the great leap today? A golden opportunity awaits should we win. Will lightning strike twice in five years? I can't wait to find out.Gary! Gary! [...] Read More »

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Terps Rise To The Occasion Upend Wake

What a performance!  Tonight we saw the two "G's", Gary and Greivis at their absolute apex.  Greivis was sublime.  The team hummed with him in the game.  Total up his assists and his points (some of his assists led to threes) and he accounted for about 45 of the Terps 75 points.  Take away our FTs, and Greivis was involved in just about every baske [...] Read More »

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Another Chance To Play Our Way In

Before I get into the post; I want to address some of the feedback you guys have given so far.   Most of you seem to like the new look and feel of the site.  That's great.  We are going to try to get some color added back into the background.In terms of the comments; I feel your pain. The disqus system is inherently better than wordpress.  You can [...] Read More »

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ACC Tournament GameDay Threads

The 2009 ACC Tournament has begun.  Will it be a good day or a bad day for Terp fans.  I am afraid.  Very afraid.  The Terps still control their own destiny and they can get themselves into the Big Dance if they play two excellent games in a row.As for the other games; we really don't have much to root for.  Should Maryland win tonight tomorrow's Q [...] Read More »

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