Terps Attempt Dragonslaying vs UNC And Charles Mitchell Commits

 Today was a great day for the Terps.  Maryland played what was arguably its most complete game of the season beating Wake Forest by 20 points.  The bigger story is, of course, that the Terps nabbed their third Top 100 recruit of the class in Charles Mitchell.

Mitchell is a 6'8" 250lb power forward.  He'll give us the kind of depth in the frontcourt that I've been dreaming about.  I'm thrilled to have Mitchell, but it is curious that he committed to MD in the same year as uber-recruit, Shaq Cleare.  They play the same position after all.  Add newcomer Damonte Dodd and returning players, Alex Len, Ashton Pankey, and James Padgett and the Terps are overflowing with big men. 

Mayhaps we won't have all six on the roster by the time Midnight Madness comes around, but for now, we have all the big men we need.

Turgeon can round out his class by corralling a pass-first point guard to commit.  I don't know who that would be at the moment; but the Terps desperately need to bring in a playmaker.  Let's hope there is another surprise in the near future.

As for tomorrow, the Terps have no pressure on their shoulders.  Maryland is coming off a great game and the crowd should be with them as they try to unseat the top seed.  A win would guarantee an NIT appearance and give the young Terps a chance to experience the weekend at the ACC Tournament.  We're due for a big win.  Maybe it comes tomorrow.

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ACC Tournament Thread Day One; Wake Forest Beckons

 The Terps limp into the ACC Tournament after a brutal OT loss at home to Virginia.  The loss encapsulated the entire ACC season.  Close but no cigar.  This Terps team can compete with just about anyone (sans UNC and Duke); but they seem incapable of closing out good teams.  It's incredibly frustrating, but this about w [...] Read More »

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Terps Can't Put NC State Away But Win Anyway

NC State shot 2-17 from three.  That won't happen tomorrow against Duke. NC State took a whopping 80 shots. The Terps actually outrebounded NC State 43-42; but State had 17 offensive rebounds to Maryland's 10.  The Terps also turned the ball over 15 times to State's 8.  If NC State could shoot worth a lick; we'd have gotten blo [...] Read More »

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Somehow, The Terps Aren't Dead Yet

Joe Lunardi, ESPN's Tournament Oracle, currently lists the Terps as the sixth team to be left out of the Field of 68 in his latest Bracketology update (2/28).  At first glance, that seems ridiculous.  After all, the Terps boast an RPI of 83 and they haven't beaten an opponent in the Top 49 all year.  How is it possible that Lunardi t [...] Read More »

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Greivis, Gary, and Georgia Tech

I'm back.  I've spent the last 4 days in Phoenix, AZ (where it rained and didn't get above 60 degrees) at my company's National Sales Conference.  Needless to say, I had no time to do any actual work, let alone write a blog post.During my hiatus, both Greivis and Gary won the honors they deserved. POY and COY are appropriate accolades for two men w [...] Read More »

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ACC Semifinal Thread: Maryland - Duke

There is no use worrying about the bubble today folks. The Terps have everything they need in front of them. Play tough man-to-man defense. Rebound. Shoot well. Do we make the great leap today? A golden opportunity awaits should we win. Will lightning strike twice in five years? I can't wait to find out.Gary! Gary! [...] Read More »

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Terps Rise To The Occasion Upend Wake

What a performance!  Tonight we saw the two "G's", Gary and Greivis at their absolute apex.  Greivis was sublime.  The team hummed with him in the game.  Total up his assists and his points (some of his assists led to threes) and he accounted for about 45 of the Terps 75 points.  Take away our FTs, and Greivis was involved in just about every baske [...] Read More »

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Another Chance To Play Our Way In

Before I get into the post; I want to address some of the feedback you guys have given so far.   Most of you seem to like the new look and feel of the site.  That's great.  We are going to try to get some color added back into the background.In terms of the comments; I feel your pain. The disqus system is inherently better than wordpress.  You can [...] Read More »

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ACC Tournament GameDay Threads

The 2009 ACC Tournament has begun.  Will it be a good day or a bad day for Terp fans.  I am afraid.  Very afraid.  The Terps still control their own destiny and they can get themselves into the Big Dance if they play two excellent games in a row.As for the other games; we really don't have much to root for.  Should Maryland win tonight tomorrow's Q [...] Read More »

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ACC Tourney Primer

MD will only beat NC State if they are able to reverse a disturbing trend. Once this team gets knocked down; it seems to take them several games to bounce back.UVA was a stomach punch game.  As we have seen time and time again with this team; that usually means a prolonged slump will follow.  Back in December of 2007; VCU beat the Terps in a game [...] Read More »

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