Survival! Terps Now 6-2!

10/25/2008 8:08:20 PM I hate not being able to watch these games. With all due respect to Johnny Holiday, listening to him doing the broadcast is infuriating. The guy misses things and won't tell you what happened until 5 seconds after the play is over. I ended up just listening to the crowd in the background to determine whether it was a positive or negative play.

This team is something, and no matter how close it was, this was a big win.

To quote Rob Schneider from Necessary Roughness: "In a monsoon, it's anybody's game."

And it was.

Since I didn't watch it, I'll defer to you guys for specifics, but all that matters is that the Terps put together one hell of a final drive, going over 90 yards and overcoming 2 holding calls to kick the winning field goal. Kudos to Obi Egekeze for hitting that 47 yarder early in the game and with what sounded like a sloppy field, you can't blame the guy that much for missing the other FG, can you? He hit it when it counted and we are now 6-2, bowl eligible and have a long season still to go.

Not sure what was wrong with the defense today. It's hard to believe a defense can play that great last week and then stink it up one week later, but they did come up big late and gave the offense a chance to win it, and they came through.

We've got as good a shot as anyone, as you can see that Virginia now controls its own destiny after upsetting Georgia Tech. I still think the UVA loss was a bad loss, but the Cavs have sure turned it around, haven't they?

Let's be glad the Terps got this victory and move on.
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