Seth Allen To Transfer. What's Next?

5/2/2014 1:14:11 PM "The night is dark and full of terrors".  So goes the admonition in HBO's Game of Thrones.  It also seems to be an appropriate theme for Mark Turgeon's offseason.  First he jettisons "dead weight" players who had underwhelmed: Faust, Cleare, Peters.  On paper, it looks like some housekeeping.  Apparently, Turgeon neglected to check with his remaining roster as to how they felt about the changes.  The answer is "not good" apparently. Seth Allen is leaving and Charles Mitchell seems to be on his way out the door too. 

If you were the CEO of a company and one of your VPs had to fire 30% of the people he hired and then another 30% quit shortly thereafter, who would you blame?  Obviously, the answer is the VP.  The departures mean that not only is he bad at hiring; he's also a bad manager.  Even his good employees don't want to work for him.  That is a death knell for a manager and a major red flag. Usually, the solution is to fire the VP only you've inked this guy to an 8-year contract and you are only in year 3.  Holy dumpster fire!

Oh and there is more...

One of your hot new recruits might decide to forgo college and head straight to the pros (Cekovsky).  

"Turd-geon" (copyright: JGold) has one year to turn this thing around.  That task just got a whole lot harder.

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