Richaud Pack Joins, Michal Cekovsky Signs, Charles Mitchell Leaves

5/22/2014 4:20:36 PM Lots of news coming out of College Park. 

Charles Mitchell is leaving to be closer to his ailing Grandmother. I wish him the best.  Regardless of the circumstances the optics are bad for Turgeon.  Yes, Mitchell's departure seemingly has nothing to do with Turgeon and is of a personal nature.  Yet, it's another kid who didn't work out. In isolation, it's understandable but in the larger scheme of things, not so much.  The Terps will now be reliant on Damonte Dodd, Jonathan Graham and two freshman to be our frontcourt players.  Yikes. 

Richaud Pack is grad transfer from NCA&T.  He's a welcome addition to a back court that will be run by a freshman.  Pack's experience will help dramatically and give the Terps another ball handler.

Michael Cekovsky is a super-talented 7 footer who could really be a difference maker next year.  He's athletic with great size and can shoot.  He looks to be an Alex Len type but perhaps more athletic (!).

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