Report: HC Announcement Tomorrow; Edsall To Interview Tonight

1/2/2011 11:27:17 AM Chick Hernandez of Comcast Sportsnet DC reports:

UCONN HC Randy Edsall is in Maryland. Meeting with some members of search committee. Barring major setback, look for him to be New HC at Maryland.

Updated Analysis (Jeremy):  It's really hard to be anything but disappointed by this development.  Edsall may be the "safe" choice; but here's what he won't do:
- sell tickets at Byrd Stadium
- Land Recruits from the SEC or Texas like Leach or Malzahn could have.

It's hard for me to understand how the program is better off with Edsall than with Ralph Friedgen.  The sad thing is that with Danny O'Brien running the offense, the Terps will be successful out of the gate with Edsall and that will "validate" Anderson's choice.  In the long run, this move will be remembered for how unprofessional Maryland in pushing out an alumni coaching legend.

Three months into Kevin Anderson's tenure as AD and I'm longing for Debbie Yow. 

Good to great?  This situation has gone from bad to worse.

Situation Update 2:20PM ET (Jeremy): Jeff Barker of the Baltimore Sun is reporting via Twitter that Leach could still be named coach:  "Maryland source says Randy Edsall will undergo the same set of rigorous interviews as Mike Leach did earlier. Leach is still in play."

I certainly hope this is true given my earlier observations.  There is just no way that the alumni will look at the Edsall hire as being worth firing the Fridge.
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