Remaining Class of 2012 Wish List

9/9/2011 8:50:55 PM With Jake Layman on board and Jerami Grant officially out of the picture; the Terps recruiting class of 2012 is starting to come into focus.

Maryland's remaining wish list is a short one:
1A - Mitch McGary.
1B - Amile Jefferson

McGary and Jefferson would elevate the Terps into the stratosphere.  Each possess a unique skill set that would turn the Terps into immediate contenders. McGary is a 6'10 beast who can dominate the post like no other big man in this year's class. If paired with Shaquille Cleare, the Terps would be an elite rebounding team.

While McGary would give the Terps added muscle; Jefferson is all finesse and athleticism.  He's a silky smooth penetrator who can create shots and knock down the long-range jumper.  You can pencil him as a 15 ppg scorer as a freshman.

McGary is rated as the #2 recruit in the country and Jefferson is in everyone's top 15, so their commitment is anything but a given.  Remember, Shaq Cleare is rated in the 20s and he's the highest ranked recruit we've gotten in years.  Landing either Jefferson or McGary would be incredible let alone both.

So how's it going to turn out?  Impossible to say; but I'd give the Terps a 50/50 chance of landing one of these guys.  My money is on Amile Jefferson for a couple of reasons:

1.  McGary is getting love from Duke and UNC and then never bodes well for Maryland.  I really like Mitch McGary but he just seems like the kind of kid who winds up playing for Coach K doesn't he?  He's like an evolutionary Christian Laettner.  (The bloodlines are biblical at this point: Ferry begat Laettner who begat Parks who begat Battier who begat Sheldon and on and on.)  Don't get me wrong, Turgeon and the coaching staff are doing all the right things and they need to continue to do so.  Nothing is over until McGary signs.  He's got a visit coming up and let's hope he gets blown away by Comcast and the world-class facilities.

2.  Amile Jefferson is a lottery pick waiting to happen.  He can come in next year and be a featured player. It would also give Layman a year of seasoning and the opportunity to grow into his 6'9" frame (he's only 190lbs).  Jefferson would be the most complete offensive talent on the squad and he would be the showcase of an exciting tournament team.

I have no crystal ball; but that's how I see things playing out.
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