Quick Shots on NJIT

12/22/2010 8:05:41 PM This one was predictably a laugher.  Here are some takeaways.

- Pe'shon Howard started over Tucker.  The move accomplished two things.  First, it allowed Bowie to move over to his natural shooting guard position (Bowie drained three 3PTs). It also split up seniors and freshman.  Our freshman are high energy guys and our seniors are not.  Now Pe'shon was paired with Bowie and Stoglin with Tucker.  That seems to work better because the floor is now more balanced with energy and experience. 

- James Padgett is progressing nicely.  Padgett finished with 10 points and hit almost 70% of his FTs.  He looks more comfortable out there and he is running the floor well and filling the lane.

- Nice ball distribution.  More than half of Maryland's points from the field came from an assist.  That's the hallmark of a good team.  Regardless of the opponent, that is the type of statistic that almost always accompanies wins.

- Jordan Williams keeps rolling along.  J Will was a little sluggish from the floor (5-12); but he still managed his seventh straight double-double (14-12).  He's a man amongst boy vs. these cupcakes.

- Dino Gregory has emerged as a scoring threat.  He's filled the scoring sheet the last 5 games or so, and he could really become a factor in the ACC.

Alright, it's hard to get too excited about beating NJIT, but only good teams blow cupcakes out by 40 points.  We never did that with Hayes, Milbourne, and Vasquez.  This team has so much potential.  The first two weeks of January will be huge.  If we can scrape out some big wins, this team could really take off.
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