Post-Seattle U Observations

11/9/2010 9:55:24 AM Last night, Terps looked like an entirely different team than the one we've become used to over the last four years.

The Terps are as athletic as one could hope for.  Everyone can run the floor.  Our guards are quick.  Our big men can throw it down with force. 

Perhaps the biggest revelation last night was that the Terps have 11 guys capable of contributing right now (when Pankey is fully healed; it could be 12).  I don't recall that ever being the case in the nearly 30 years that I have followed this program.

Maryland's extraordinary depth will allow the Terps to run the floor relentlessly for 40 minutes each nioght.  I think it is safe to expect many games like last night's performance.  The Redhawks were able to hang with Maryland for about 15 minutes but the Terps depth and athleticism just took over.  100 points scored will not be rare occurrences in the Comcast Center (at least before the ACC season starts).

Teams that try to run with Maryland will struggle.  I'm pretty confident of that.  I'm equally confident that the Terps will struggle with teams that force our inexperienced backcourt to execute the half court offense. 

The Terps turned the ball over 29 times against Seattle. 29 times!  The Terps also won by 29 points.  Has that ever happened before in the history college basketball?  The two statistics together provide evidence of the excitement as well as the needed caution that surrounds this team.  There will be nights where the Terps look like world-beaters.  There will also be nights where we look like a high school team. 

I do believe that elite teams will figure out how to force Maryland to play in the half court.  My hope is that our freshman our quick studies.

My guess is that they are.  Terrell Stoglun and Pe'Shon Howard are the real deal.  The best way I describe how I felt about their performance is that they looked the part all night.  They played like they belonged.  They had the right combination of ability and swagger to be successful at the D-I level.

I felt the same way about Jordan Williams last year.  I could tell from the very beginning that he was the real deal.  He got better with each game and I have no doubt that we will see the same from Howard and Stoglin this season.

After last night's game, my projected win total for this team now has the widest range that I can recall since I started the Soup.  I see this team winning anywhere from 15-25 games.  That's the difference between the NIT and #2 seed in the NCAA Tournament. 

Call me crazy but that is how I see it.
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