Paradise Jam: Terps vs Marist

11/22/2013 2:05:54 PM Today is the first day of the rest season.  Let's see if the Terps can bounce back from that HORRIFIC loss at home to Oregon State.

First things first.  It's time for Turgeon to make some tough choices.

1.  Roddy Peters must start at PG.  Dez Wells is not a PG at this level.  Plain and simple.  Peters is raw but he can handle the rock and knows how to dish and penetrate.  He's the guy right now.
2.  Nick Faust needs to sit.  Wells will move to the two and Faust goes to the bench.  This is not a time for being deferential to an upperclassman.  Faust is shooting terribly and making bad choices.  He's also not the lockdown defender that Turgeon has been asking for.
3.  Shaq Cleare also needs to sit.  He can't play with his back to the basket.  He can't catch a pass.  He can't block shots.  He can't rebound.  I don't care about his pedigree.  It's just not happening and Chuck Mitchell is able to create and down low and rebound.
4.  Jake Layman and Evan Smotrycz round out the starting five.  Both of these guys have outstanding offensive games and they create the inside / outside threat that Maryland so desperately needs.  What they lack is a defensive intensity.  I don't Turgeon can play man-to-man with these two in the starting lineup.  The problem is that UConn demonstrated that Maryland does not know how to play a good zone defense.  Something needs to give.  These guys are too good to sit but they need to be better defenders.  If Turgeon can't scheme a way to stop penetration and get hands in shooters faces, then the Terps are going nowhere.

Marist is a cupcake.  We could struggle though.  This team is not good enough to blow anyone away right now. 

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