Open Letter To Randy Edsall

11/26/2011 7:44:24 PM Dear Coach Edsall:

As an alumnus and lifelong fan of the University of Maryland Athletics program; I implore you to do the right thing and resign effective immediately. 

Today's collapse against NC State represents a new low for program. It's also the fourth or fifth "new low" the program has witnessed since your arrival.  Your tenure has been one unmitigated disaster after another and it's really time for us to part ways.

Unfortunately, our AD is a moron and gave you a guaranteed $10 Million contract that runs through 2015 and the University is in no position to buy you out.  This unfortunate reality doesn't change the following immutable facts:

1.  The fans, students, and alumni openly hate you

2.  The players live in fear of you and as result, their hatred of you is more muted, but no less real than the aforementioned fans, students, and alumni

3.  Your failures this season are record setting. You've benched the reigning ACC freshman of the year, suspended countless players for minor violations, all while turning a 9 win team into a 2 win team.

4.  You've never taken any responsibility regarding the Terps misfortunes.  Instead, you've chosen to blame the players..

5.  The incoming recruiting class is going to be the worst one the Terps have had in years

6.  Today's blown 27 point lead will forever live in infamy.  Fans like myself will have to wear that score around our neck like an albatross for the rest of our lives.

For all these reasons, please do the right thing and offer to resign.  It's best that we all start fresh.  I'm sure that there is a Linebackers coaching position in the NFL with your name on it.

Anyone know Mike Leach's phone number?
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