Nothing To Be Upset About... Yet, Still Not Good

1/9/2011 9:18:40 PM The headline sums it up for me.

I came away from watching the game shrugging.  We are what we are.  We are a good team with a chance to be very good.  However, our problems are not going to go away. 

- All four of our guards are inexperienced and have holes in their games. 

- We are horrible at the free throw line and for the 4th time this season, if we just hit 3/4 more free throws it would have been a different game.

- Our depth is fair, but not good enough to overcome the other factors.

I've said it before, if the rest of the team does not play more consistent, Jordan Williams' numbers will be so sick that he'll be off to the NBA and we'll be searching for an inside guy next year.  We DO NOT want that to happen.

The one big thing this team has that will never change, though, is heart and determination.  They work hard, they battle and they have what it takes to make themselves into a solid NCAA tournament team.  But time is running out.  They may very well be the 3rd best team in the conference, but it has to start this week.  A hiccup against Wake and we are done.  Next weekend at Villanova has to be the game of the year.  They must go in thinking it's a must-win because another close loss just won't do it anymore.  It's time for this team to take off.

I have faith they can do it, but please be smarter.  Please don't force things.  And PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PRACTICE FREE THROWS.

Kudos on the night to JW of course.  Battling with 2 fouls late in the first half was huge even if his first two fouls were not very smart. 

Kudos to Dino Gregory.  His defense kept us in the game and we should look for his mid-range game more often.

Kudos to Gary Williams for coaching another solid game.  He put us in position to win and sooner or later, we'll finish.

Finally kudos (and I never thought I would say this) to the ACC refs at Cameron.  For the first time in a long time, we were not playing 5-on-8.  They called a tough, fair game.  There were a handful of bad calls on both sides, but both sides were officiated fairly.

Now for my own take on the ESPN "Come on man" segment.

Come on man, Adrian Bowie.  You are out of control.  You threw up at least 2 airballs from 3.  You played 32 minutes and shot 0-4.  You missed a free throw. 

Come on man, Terrell Stoglin.  I know you are confident, but please take good shots.  1-10.  Yes, that's 1-10.  0-6 from 3.  You will be a star one day, but please gain some BBall IQ and refrain from being an AK-47 out there.

Come on man, James Padgett.  I know you made the layup on the baseline, but DUNK THE BALL!!  And play some defense.  You look scared out there.  You are a strong guy.  As Yoda said, use what you have learned, save you it can!

Final thoughts:  I was encouraged by the play, but tonight was where it ends.  No more moral victories.  This team should now start dishing out the pain.  Go out there, play smart, play hard and take 2nd place in the conference. (And beat Nova too!)

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