Not In Tournament

3/18/2013 2:28:29 PM We all knew that we would be here didn't we.  Ever since the BC loss, it was apparent that the Terps wouldn't do enough to get on the right side of the bubble.  

There were plenty of frustrations along the way, but the Terps played their best basketball at the end of the season. That's encouraging.

Overall, things are looking up. Yes, it's clear that Turgeon struggled with his substitution patterns, but that was more a function of him not be able to trust his guards. They were too mistake prone and Turge was always fiddling in an effort to find the right combination.

That problem won't go away next season as there will likely be no true point guards on the roster. I think Roddy Peters will eventually be a great ACC point, but one  can't expect much out of him as a freshman.

That leaves Turge with the current pu pu platter of Howard, Allen, Faust to become the fixture at the point.  In my estimation, it has to be Howard.  As the ACCT proved, Allen and Faust are much better off the ball. Howard must be the guy until Peters is ready.

As for the front court, the Terps will be much better.  I have high hopes for Cleare, Mitchell, Layman, and Smotrycz.  It's a nice combination of post and wing play.  Damone Dodd could be a nice contributor too.

If you are hoping Len will stay, find something else to root for.  He's gone. Top 5 in the NBA is enough to send anyone to the pros.

Now, it's on to the NIT and what I hope is a decent run to MSG.  There is solid track record of teams that win the NIT doing well the following year.  Turgeon will have them motivated.

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