Northwood v Maryland: Inside The Box Score

11/4/2011 7:34:32 PM Full disclosure:  I did not get to see the game on TV so I'm relegated to delving into the box score.  A couple of nuggets stick out:

- Maryland turned the ball over 23 times.  Northwood turned it over 11 times.
- Maryland shot 59% from the charity stripe (19-32) to Northwood's 81% (17-21)

Those two statistics explain why the game was so close.  That's encouraging.  The guards are learning a new offense and system and that undoubtedly will lead to more turnovers in the early going (Faust, Stoglin, and Mosley accounted for 13 turnovers). I expect TO% to improve despite the level of competition increasing in a couple of weeks.

As for the FT shooting, Pankey and Parker-- two guys who barely played lasted year -- combined for 7 misses.  Stoglin, a proven FT shooter had 4 misses.  Again, I expect improvement here.  Parker and Pankey have nowhere to go but up.  Stoglin will return to the mean and be shooting in the 80s by the time the real season starts.

Another interesting tidbit is +/- numbers.  Guess who led the way?  None other than Alex Len.  In 16 minutes, he was +10.  He only scored 4 points, but he registered 6 boards and 1 block.  Without seeing the game, I'll wager his presence in the paint disrupted what Northwood wanted to do offensively.  It's a telling statistic.

On the other side, Stoglin was -12. Ouch.  He's our best player.  With 5 turnovers and 7 for 18 shooting, it is easy to see how his +/- could be so bad.  He's a shoot first point guard and that can lead to night's like this.  Fans of Allen Iverson can attest to that.  It's up to Turgeon to put the proper restraints and make sure Stoglin operates with more control.

Of course, there were two other debuts tonight.  Nick Faust started and scored 14 points.  It also appeared he came up lame during the final stretch and sat for the rest of the game.  My goodness, let's hope that is just a cramp. He shot 5-11 from the field including 4-8 from three.  He also pulled down 6 boards.  He's the real deal.  I'm thinking that he finishes in the running for freshman of the year and drops in close to 14 points per game.

Finally, there's the coach, Mark Turgeon. I can't tell anything from the box score about how the team looked and whether Turgeon seemed to be in control as a tactician.  I'll have to leave that to those who watched the game. Please weigh in and let me know your thoughts.
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