Nightmare in Maui

11/25/2009 4:42:14 PM Wow. Who would have thought it?

Greivis Vasquez is lost. Why it takes us to be down 12 for him to start hitting outside shots, I have no idea. This team isn't so bad when it's desperate. Unfortunately, they've been desperate too often the past 2 days. I'm very surprised in how bad the offense has looked. I know Gary said it was a work in progress and I know that you have freshmen learning the ropes, but the lack of aggressiveness and confidence from our seniors is alarming.

I am very worried that this team may be digging itself a hole that they will have a hard time getting out of. We don't have a tough enough out of conference schedule this season. These 2 losses are very tough to make up for. Sure, a win over Indiana on the road would be nice, but is anyone thinking that's an easy win now? No way.

What about Villanova? That becomes a must win now. Last season, we could hang our hats on wins over Michigan State and Michigan, both legitimate NCAA tournament teams, when things were tight in March. Now we are going to have to win 10 ACC games easy. That's a lot to ask for the team I watched the past 2 days.

Gary Williams is a great coach and there is no other guy I'd want on the bench right now to get things righted. However, we now have very little margin for error and we still have to allow for the learning curve of our freshmen big men.

I am confident in the ability of Gary to improve the team's play, but there is only so much he can do. When it comes to the team's best player, it's going to take Vasquez to get himself straight. If anyone looks at his box score, they'll see 18 points tonight and 19 last night. However, those who watched the game know better. He has been lost all season and this is his team to lead. When the rest of the players notice his lack of a killer instinct, they follow suit. It's easy to make some of his crazy passes against bad opponents, but it does not work against legitimate teams. I was glad to see more of Vaz's runners in the past 2 games, but every time we made a run in the past two games, he took a horrible shot or made a horrible decision.

He is a reckless player and always will be, but it seemed like he learned to balance his craziness at the end of last season. Now, he is back to the Vasquez of old and that is not going to get us into the tournament. Hell, it won't even get us to a .500 record in the ACC.

He has to find a way to score as well as set up his teammates and lead the team. Our defense will keep us in most games where we don't have to face a huge front line. But the time has come for our 3 seniors to get together and figure it out. They have a huge game next week at Indiana. You lose that, and barring an amazing ACC run, you can count them out of the tournament.

Hard to believe I just wrote that after the expectations.

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