NeXt All-American Classic

4/3/2011 9:37:10 AM Nick Faust and Martin Bruenig are playing in the NeXt All-American Classic in suburban Chicago this afternoon.  I'll be attending and will share my thoughts after the game.

I'll also be trying to figure out why the event organizers choose to spell "next" with a capital "X". Don't expect an answer there; but do expect an analysis of Faust and Bruenig. 

I'm particularly interested in how Bruenig fares since very little is known about him outside of grainy You Tube footage. 

The rosters seem to be comprised of players ranked 25-50 as opposed MCD All-American game.  I guess you could think of NeXt game as a poor man's MCD AA.  Whatever.  Two future Terps will be there and so will I.

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