NBA Draft Thread - Jordan Williams Edition

6/23/2011 10:03:18 AM Schadenfreude is a German word that means pleasure derived from the misfortunes of others.  Tonight, I think there will be many Terp fans who will experience this odd sensation as Jordan Williams awaits his fate from the Draft Gods.  I will not be one of them. Don't get me wrong. I'm terribly disappointed that Jordan made such a rash and what appears to be a misinformed decision about his future; but it is his life and he needs to follow his own path regardless of where it leads.

By all accounts, it will most certainly not lead to a 1st round selection tonight.  It may not even lead to a second round choice (although that would surprise me).  With the impending lockout and the already announced cancellation of the NBA Summer League; a failure to get drafted would most certainly lead Jordan Williams to Europe. 

Had he stayed, Williams would have been among the preseason favorites for ACC Player of the Year.  What's more, he'd be the undisputed leader on a team that would have had legitimate top 25 aspirations.  Now, he could be squaring off against Allen Iverson in the Turkish League.  I'm not expecting Williams or his family to publicly state that leaving school was the wrong move; but the questions will arise the moment the 1st round comes to an end and David Stern walks away from the podium.  If the second round ends without Jordan's name being called; he will be opened up to public ridicule.  No Terp fan should be rooting for this to happen.  If you are; I pity you and your pettiness.

Let's face it.  Whether Jordan returned to MD or not, the Terps were not winning the National Championship or even going to the Final Four next season.  Would you trade what we have now (an awesome and enthusiastic young coaching staff with tentacles connected to some of the best recruits in the country) for one more year of Jordan Williams? Remember if Jordan had stayed, Gary Williams would have probably stuck around too.  My love for Gary was unabashed; but the momentum of the new coaching staff in the last month have illuminated Gary's weaknesses.  It's clear that he was unwilling to do what was necessary to get the right players to compete at the highest level.  If he had waited a year; Mark Turgeon may not have been available. 

While it is true that Turgeon has not secured a recruit or coached a game; he's the best Maryland could hope for in terms of a replacement for Gary Williams and it is clear that he will change the paradigm in College Park.  I've gone from cautious optimism to downright bullishness when looking at the next 10 years and that's all because of what I've seen since Turgeon took the helm of the program.

In 2020, when the historians weigh in on this period in Terps history, some may point to Jordan Williams' departure as the best thing that happened to Maryland because it paved the way for Gary's graceful exit and Turgeon's entrance. So, for those Schadenfrueders out there, look at tonight through this lens. Hope that Jordan gets what he wants and finds a home with a good team than knows how to utilize his many talents. I know I'll be rooting for him wherever he lands. 
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