My Friend Jon

1/28/2009 3:10:18 PM Today is a great day to be a Terp blogger.  Fireworks between the adminstration and Gary Williams.  A team on the court that can't seem to win.  Frustration everywhere.  This is good for the blogging business.  There is lots to digest, disseminate and discuss.

Unfortunately, I don't feel like talking today.  You see, my close friend, mentor, and colleague had a terrible accident on Sunday night and he succumbed to his injuries late yesterday at the tender age of 37.  I understand that 99% of the people who read Turtle Soup have never met or heard of Jon Alsop; but trust me when I tell you that the world is an emptier, colder place without him in it.

Jon was a Terp fan of the highest order and the last few years have been as hard on him as they have been on any Terp fan.  If he saw last night's "performance"; he'd be as mad and frustrated as anyone.  He would want me to write about it and elicit the kind of discussion that makes Turtle Soup such a great forum.

However, in times like this, it is hard for me to care about the confidence issues of a group of 18-22 year-old kids and their beleagured coach.  Perspective is a mighty thing because it enables you tocategorize things into their proper order of importance.

For now, I will leave it to Gregg to create the proper forum to discuss the goings-on in College Park; but for the next few days, I'll be too busy preparing to say goodbye to my friend, Jonny A.
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