Must Wins and Tolerable losses

2/14/2007 1:01:42 PM Happy Valentine's Day. The holiday means that even though the game is actually on national TV tonight, I likely won't be able to watch it.

Regardless, we have six games left before the end of the season and as I see it, here are the wins we MUST have in order to get off the bubble:

Must wins

@NC State - Worst team left on our schedule. On the road or at home, we need to sweep them.

Florida State - With their starting PG out, we must beat them at home now. This could serve as an elimination game (with the loser being left out) as far as the committee is concerned.

NC State - If we lose this home game, you can forget it.

Now, to finish .500 in the conference, we need to pick up one of the following. All of these games are winnable. Believe it or not. But if we come through on the must wins, we may only need one of the three games below to punch the ticket.

@ Clemson - A win would mean a sweep which would definitely vault the Terps ahead of Clemson. At 8-8, we would be 22-9. That should be enough, but to truly put all questions to rest, we would need a first round tourney win.

UNC - Win and we are in. It would be a signature victory. With an 8-8 ACC record is as good as gold

@ Duke - a sweep would obviously put us ahead of Duke in the commitee's eyes, but depending on how the Dookies finished up the season (likely in bad shape if we beat them in Cameron) then we still may need a first round ACC Tourney win.

That is how I see it.
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