Moving Day: Faust, Cleare, Peters Transfer

4/8/2014 7:52:23 PM Wow.  Three Terps have announced their intention to transfer from the University today.  Rising senior, Nick Faust, rising junior, Shaquille Cleare, and rising sophomore, Roddy Peters are leaving the program.  I can't recall a day where three players left the program.

All three players have been tremendous disappointments. Faust oozes athleticism but has not shown that he knows what to do within the team concept.  He's a one on one guy.  Cleare has not developed into the dominant big man his pedigree claimed he was.  Dropped passes, slow afoot, he's never emerged as anything but a role player.  Peters showed flashes but he was the worst shooter I've ever seen in a Maryland uniform.  He likely would have improved but with all the new talent coming in, it is hard to imagine that he would have earned significant playing time.

Mark Turgeon is now again faced with introducing a large freshman class into the fold with little disruption.  It's a tall task and he's operating with no room for error.  The freshman need to be for real or Turgeon will be the one "transferring" out of the program next season.

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