Morgan State Comes To College Park To Decide State Title

12/5/2007 11:02:53 PM During Gary's first season, 1989, the Coppin State Eagles came to College Park and upset the Terrapins. Maryland hasn't played Coppin since. That is how Gary rewards the "other" state schools in Maryland. Play us tough? See you in five years. Beat us? Have a good life.

Is tomorrow going to be Morgan State's last appearance in College Park? If so, kill me now and end the torture. A loss and you can stick a fork in the season. Losing to a MEAC school is a scarlet letter that would make Hester Prynne shudder. You just aren't going to the NCAAs with that mark on your record.

I'm not trying to denigrate Morgan State. They are a decent team but the fact that losing to them is plausible, makes my skin crawl. Maryland is teetering on the edge of mediocrity and an upset can't be ruled out

This is not Juan Dixon's Terrapins. Who are we kidding? This is not even Terrell Stokes' Terrapins. We are a couple losses away from dipping into the (gulp) Chris Kerwin and Evers Burns territory.
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