Maryland - West Virginia Preview and Game Thread

9/17/2010 12:00:00 AM Tomorrow, Morgantown, West Virginia will be site where the future of the 2010 season will be determined for the Terrapins.  It is the ultimate swing game.  A win, and the Terps are heading towards 5-0 (home vs. FIU and Duke are wins).  A loss, and it is back to the slog. In some ways, this season has already defied expectations.  Already, Maryland has equaled last season's win total.  However, no one is looking forward to modest improvements. West Virginia barely escaped with a victory last week vs Marshall.  All signs point to the 2010 Mountaineers not being a vintage edition.  It still won't be easy. The Terps have serious questions at quarterback.  Jamarr Robinson is the starter, but the coaching staff won't let him throw the ball downfield.  Backup Danny O'Brien seems to be the more traditional pocket passer.  But, if O'Brien is the favored son, why is Robinson starting? The answer is that our coaching staff is a mess.  The leash on Robinson couldn't be shorter.  At the first errant pass against Navy; Fridge and Franklin shut down the entire passing game.  They brought O'Brien in for one play and he promptly fumbled. The coaches can't afford errors like that tomorrow.  I think the players have the talent to play with the Mountaineers. The coaches need to get out of the way and stop over thinking things.  If the Terps are able to run the ball effectively (as they should); then the coaches damn well better mix in some play-action passes. Whatever the outcome, we will learn a lot about the potential of the Terps.    The Mountaineers are favored not because of how good they are; they are favored because the jury is still out on the Terps.  Let's see if the boys can open some eyes tomorrow.
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