Maryland - Wake Forest Game Thread

10/29/2010 8:07:15 PM Tomorrow is homecoming and the Terps are favored to beat a beleaguered Wake squad to move to 6-2.  If the oddsmakers are right; the Terps will head into their final four games having already secured bowl eligibility.

Unfortunately, oddsmakers don't play the games. While it's true that Wake sits at 2-5; a closer look at their schedule gives one pause. On 10/9, Wake lost to Navy 28-27, or put another way; unlike MD, Wake wound up on the bad side of a one-point victory vs. Navy.  Like Maryland, Wake also beat Duke (54-48).

So, if we were to compare Wake and Maryland based on common opponents; they would look eerily similar.  This game will be close, make no mistake.  The Terps have benefited from an easy schedule and Wake has suffered from a difficult one.  With a little luck, we'll continue to ride the easy wave tomorrow.  We better, for there is little leeway.

Miami, FSU, and NCST loom on the horizon and Terps would be well served to stockpile wins now.  The road gets tougher and having six wins in the bank will be essential if we hope to go bowling in December/January.
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