Maryland vs Wake Forest

2/18/2014 3:00:56 PM Look, no one believes in moral victories.  Losing by a basket at Duke with questionable officiating is still not good enough.  However, our young Terps competed on Saturday and that's more than they've shown us at any point this year. 

The season is not over.  The Terps can actually make they NCAA Tournament if they win out.  Look at the schedule.  It's possible.  If they play with the same type of fire we saw on Saturday, they can beat all the remaining teams on their schedule.  Syracuse will be next to impossible but they've looked beatable lately.  They could have easily lost at home to NC State.  It's a game Maryland could win if they played like their season depended on a victory (which it will).

The first step of course is to beat Wake Forest in Comcast tonight.  Wake is frisky but Maryland should win at home.  Let see our Terps can make a run here.

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