Maryland vs UNC

3/6/2013 9:33:00 AM The Terps have their latest "must-win" game of the season tonight. It will be in the midst of a snowstorm.  If the crowd shows up, we should give UNC all they can handle.

The last game against Wake was promising.  The team played a style that was reminiscent of the early season form.  Pe'shon Howard finally played well. 

The Terps are still a work in progress.  That much is clear.  They have been infuriating to watch over the course of this season.  I'd argue, they are as frustrating as any Terps team ever. 

Yet, here we are. Maryland is on Joe Lunardi's radar which means that they are still in the conversation for an at-large bid.  It's hard to fathom but it is true.  If Maryland finishes strong with wins vs UNC and UVA plus a win or two in the ACCT, then will probably get in.

The first step is to win tonight against a UNC team that is playing well.  Last game they shot us out of the Dean Dome in the first half.  If we can hold them to a lower percentage this evening, we have a good chance of getting out with a W.

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