Maryland vs UConn Game Thread

11/8/2013 1:29:39 PM The Terps kick this season off in a few hours and excitement is building throughout Terpland.

A couple things to watch for...

Last year, Alex Len dominated Kentucky and Terp fans everywhere thought we'd see that for the rest of the year.  We were wrong.  The lesson:  don't take anything that happens tonight too seriously.

Have last year's freshman blossomed into reliable consistent contributors?  In particular, I'd like to Jake Layman and Chuck Mitchell step up.

Can Maryland maintain an interior defensive presence without Alex Len blocking shots?  What about rebounding?  Will Mitchell, Cleare, and Dodd compete or even dominate? I've said it before, Chuck Mitchell is the most natural rebounding talent I've ever seen in a Terp uniform.  Can he realize some of that potential this season?

Will Nick Faust play to his strengths or continue to force things offensively.  Will Faust become the shut down defender we know he can be?

Can Dez Wells lead the offense without turning the ball over more than 3 times per game?

Can Maryland win a close game down the stretch?

Prediction:  Maryland 72, UConn 69

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