Maryland vs Tulsa

12/29/2013 3:08:19 PM Seth Allen is slated to make his return today.  If you think that is a panacea for what ails this team, think again.  Allen will help but this team looks completely lost on both ends of the court.

I've been converted from a Turgeon fan to a Turgeon critic.  The players are not just failing to get better, they are regressing. Faust and Wells are worse now then when they got to campus.  At some point, it falls on the coach.  The offense is rudderless.  Guys don't seem to know what they are doing or how to create opportunities for their teammates.

Defensively, it's just as bad.  BU cut through the defense like swiss cheese.  Gary Williams wasn't perfect but this would not be happening with him at the helm.  Plain and simple.  I just wonder how good Turgeon is at X's and O's.   He seems to get outcoached quite a bit.

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