Maryland vs Temple Thread

9/24/2011 7:11:54 AM The Terps host a quality Temple team today.  Temple gave Penn State all it could handle last week before falling short, so expect the Terps to be grinding all day.

Still, a loss would be disastrous.  The Terps whiffed on a massive opportunity last weekend against WVU and a loss today will foul all of the high hopes fans had going into the season. A win and the Terps should be in good shape heading into a tough battle against Georgia Tech in two weeks (Towson U in between).

It won't be easy.  I don't know much about the Temple squad and work has been too busy this week for me to do any research.  The Owls appear to have a stout defense and I have a feeling they will be strongly motivated as they are trying to make a case for future ACC membership over Rutgers.

As for the Terps, they will need to find motivation from what promises to be a smaller crowd at Byrd Stadium.  It's important for Danny O'Brien to bounce back from last week's crushing interceptions. He's the best player on the team and the Terps will live and die with him all year.

I think the Terps pull away early in the 4th quarter; but what do I know?
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