Maryland vs Syracuse

11/27/2017 3:12:38 PM

I’m not sure I have the stomach to watch this game tonight. “But Jeremy, the Terps crushed New Mexico on Saturday including a dominating 27-6 run to the start the game” you say. To that, I respond that the Terps committed 22 turnovers in that win including 8 by Anthony Cowan.

The chronic lack of ball security cannot end well for this team. Yes, there will be nights where Maryland beats teams despite ball carelessness because of shear talent and shot making. There will also be games that hey shouldn’t lose and will because they can’t take care of the basketball. Of course, there will also be games where teams are as talented if not more talented than the Terps. Maryland will win exactly zero of those games if this turnover issue continues.

And what evidence is there that it won’t continue? Not much. Turnovers have been a chronic problem under Turgeon regardless of personnel. It’s at the point of epidemic and I don’t think the coaching staff knows how to address it. I hope I am wrong but I’ve seen the movie before.

I am still holding out hope but my viewing advice to you all is to watch the turnover stat closely tonight. To win, the Terps will need to keep it under 15.

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